Popular Martial Arts for Fitness

Martial arts is a system or tradition in which physical combat are practiced as an art, for defense, competition or physical fitness. Though this was famous for their East Asian roots, the term was supposedly derived as early as in the 16th century. The name has a Greek origin which means the ‘Arts of Mars’, in honor of the Greek God of war Mars. There are many distinct types and schools of martial arts. They differ from master to master. Many types and styles of this cannot be differentiated with ancient folk wrestling. Though the differences between the two are negligible there are more than hundreds of different styles. Given below are some such famous styles.

Popular Martial Arts


This Japanese technique emphasizes on redirecting an attack which heads towards you. Aikido involves throws, strikes grabs and locks which uses the hand or the leg to prevent you from an attack. Usually this is one famous technique taught in martial arts classes. There has been controversy against one of its moves which involves preventing a knife attack coming on top of your head using bare hands. Later it was clarified that this technique was a derivation from the samurai, who indeed used their hands to defend themselves from swards.


Judo is another form of Japanese fighting. This is considered the parent game for many other techniques such as the Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Sambo. Judo doesn’t involve any punches or kicks, but only throwing or taking down the opponent. Therefore many martial arts classes practice judo as well.


Karate is a technique developed in Japan with the Chinese influence. One of the world’s most famous martial arts, Karate involves kicking, punching, open hand techniques, grappling joint locks etc. it was in the 60’s and the 70’s where karate became a break through technique. The popularity of films based on karate helped to heighten its popularity. Still a karate movie attracts as many as audience to the movie hall.

Kung Fu

Kung Fu is Chinese martial arts that emphasize primarily on hand movements with kicking. Kung Fu is one that has many different schools and styles which makes it difficult in categorizing. One significant feature in Kung Fu is the use of weapons. Traditional weapons such as swords and spears are used along with some weapons unique to them. These weapons are used more often in demonstrations and sparring rather than in real battle.

Learning these has become a style among students and their parents these days. While it can be physically advantages for them, one should remember that these sports were founded long ago as a defense rather than an attack.…

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Can Workout DVDs Help You Get in Shape?

There are many different weight loss tools on the market, but not all of them provide the same results. In the past two decades, workout DVDs are getting very popular among people of all ages, regardless of their fitness level. So, it’s no wonder why many DVD shops have separate sections dedicated to this type of DVDs. People can often find them in health magazines and fitness stores. Even some convenience stores have them in their offer. In case you are still wondering why they are getting so popular you should know that there is more than one reason for that.

Workout DVDs Help You Get in Shape

One of the main advantages of using these DVDs for exercising is the fact that they provide very efficient and unique workout programs which can be practiced from the comfort of your home. In fact, you can use them anywhere you want as long as you have access to a DVD player and a TV. There is no doubt that using your local gym can be very effective when it comes to losing weight and staying in shape, but visiting this facilities can sometimes be really boring, time demanding and in some cases impossible for some people.

Not everyone has a gym near their home. With the help of a good workout DVD you can bring the gym at your home! If you are prepared to make some effort to get in shape then it is probably a good idea to use this type of DVD because you don’t need extra motivation. Not everyone feels comfortable stretching and exercising in front of people that they don’t know. Workout DVDs can help you organize your time in the best way. You no longer have to worry about missing a class at the gym and you don’t need to exercise only for a limited period of time. People today are living fast paced lives and time is more valuable than ever. Workout DVDs allow you to use your time to the maximum.

Another reason why so many people use these workout tools is the chance to get familiar with some interesting exercises. Quality workout DVDs are designed in a way that keeps people interested in the process of exercising. This is something that is not really common when it comes to exercising in a gym. There are different types of DVDs designed for different categories of people.

If you have never bought a workout DVD before, you should know that there are several things that you should take into consideration before buying one. Remember to check the content of the DVD and see if the exercises in it are interesting for you. Try to find exercises or a complete program that looks appealing to you. Know your goals and choose a suitable workout DVD. Of course, you should also check the background of the company behind the DVD. There are some well-known brands in this industry like Beachbody which produce workout DVDs for years. For example, Beachbody is one of the most famous brands in this field and they have produced some famous workouts like the Max 30 workout explained in this Insanity Max 30 Review.

From the moment you buy the DVD try to set a plan and follow the instructions found on the DVD. This is the only way to achieve your goals fast.…

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